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Issued from 2016.

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1Jacob Owusu Sarfo[Ghana]‘Bone-Shakers’ and Contemporary ‘Tro-Tro’ in Ghana: Implications for Traffic and Transport Psychology2016, July700
2Stella Ofori[Russia]Casting a View at the Indigenous Ghanaian Parenting Styles: A Review of Variables, Outcomes and Trends2016, July688
3Alisa Konovalova[Russia]The Mutual Influences of African Music and Politics2016, July673
4Jacob Owusu Sarfo[Ghana], Henry Adusei[Ghana]Math Anxiety and Achievement among Male Senior High Students in the Eastern Region of Ghana2016, December571
5Isaac Acheampong Sarfo[Ghana], Samuel Okae Adjei[Ghana]Orthodox Health Seeking Behaviour in the New Juaben Municipality of Ghana: Disparities in Patients’ Socioeconomic Status2016, December570
6Michael Asiedu[Ghana], Daniel Marboye Quaye[Ghana], Emmanuel Kwame Yeboah[Ghana]Firms’ Demographics and Barriers to Innovation in Ghana: Can SMEs in Developing African Economies Swot Something Up?2016, December569
7Jacob Owusu Sarfo2018 Open Call for Special Issues: Editor-in-Chief’s Note2017, December499
8Marie Correa[USA], Brandon K. Dumas[USA], Chanika Jones[USA], Victor Mbarika[USA]The Millennium Challenge Corporation: A Backward Mapping Approach to Implementation of Foreign Aid2017, December487
9Josephine Cudjoe[Ghana]Call for Self-Esteem Interventions in Africa: A Brief Look at Gaps2017, December486
10A. N. Oyewole[Nigeria], Joel Abah[Nigeria], Abraham Templeman[Nigeria]African Legal Culture in Modern Era: The Etutekpe Okpo Experience, North Central Nigeria2017, December480

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